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BearMagnet TV now entering its 4th season, will thrill, excite, and captivate you where you will not want to miss one minute of the show! We are an edited for television 100% black bear hunting show.


BearMagnet TV will now air on 2 Networks in 2020, for our Canadian friends we'll be airing on the Wild TV Network, and for our US friends we'll be streaming on Gen7Outdoors.com.

Every episode of BearMagnet TV demonstrates educational and ethical black bear hunting techniques, equipment setup, equipment use, bear safety, and if you're looking for some GREAT recipes check out Chefs Kitchen on the BearMagnetTV.com website where you'll find amazing tasty recipes from Chef Mathew.

These same episodes will also include panoramic views of the North American wilderness, surrounding towns, and businesses within the areas we travel. Sit back, bite your nails, and enjoy season 4 of BearMagnet TV, it only gets better!

Hunt safe, hunt hard, hunt black bear!

See you in the bear woods!




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