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Hello and welcome!


My name is Mathieu Beausoleil, host of Bearing it all in the Kitchen and I'm very excited to be joining the BearMagnet TV Family!


My passion for food has taken me around the globe to experience local delicacies, trying just about anything! From nose-to-tail cuisine to the best meats and quality products, I have explored them all, both in restaurants, as well as in my own kitchen where I'm often found cooking top notch cuisine. My understanding of ingredients and culture allow me to prepare food the way it was intended to be prepared. 


Outside of the kitchen, I recently hosted a local culinary web series in my hometown of Sudbury, ON and was also an actor in several movies, documentaries and television shows.


Please check back often as I'll be sharing all of my recipes, tips and tricks. To see other things I'm up to please follow-me on Twitter here:




Mathieu Beausoleil



Sneak Peak "Bearing it all in the Kitchen"

Chef Mathieu's Recipes

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