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Dale Boyer - Producer & Host


Born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba. At the age of 18 a family move took me to Belleville Ontario. Looking back I am very grateful for this significant change in my life, as this is when camping, fishing, and hunting had become a big part of it.

I first started hunting with gun then bow hunting started shortly after as I wanted to extend my time in the woods, knowing this is where I wanted to be.  My first year of bear hunting wasn’t until I turned 22, not experienced, I relied on a few old timers at the local archery club to give me some information about the do’s and don’ts, location, stand and bait setup etc.

Black Bear Hunting had become more than a pastime…it was now a passion and through the many years of bear hunting I’ve experienced and tried many different techniques, always trying to improve my odds of harvesting that bear of a lifetime. After many successful bear hunts and now at age 55 I dedicate my time in the creation of informative bear hunting shows that will assist the novice and seasoned bear hunter in a successful setup and humane harvest.

Hunt HARD! Hunt Safe! Hunt Black Bears!

Dale Boyer


Paul Morey - Prostaff & Advisor Sponsor Outreach Program


Paul began hunting with his father at a very young age. He quickly developed his own passion for hunting and the outdoors when he moved out of the big city to a small town. At the age of 15, Paul harvested his first 10 point whitetail and has never looked back!

From big deer to strutting toms Paul loves the thrill and challenge of getting an up close hunt, but "Nothing beats the adrenaline rushing through your veins at full draw with a big bear at less than 15 yards!" Make sure to follow Paul on his bear filled adventures with BearMagnetTV.


David Ball - Prostaff & Videographer


I grew up in the small town of Portterville, Michigan where I played baseball and basketball until I graduated from high school. When I wasn't playing sports I was hunting or fishing with my father who introduced me to his passion for the outdoors at the age of nine. I remember him teaching me how to look for signs, what to listen for and him always telling me to sit still. He always made sure whatever he was teaching me about the outdoors became a factor in my everyday life. 


After graduating high school, I continued my education at Lansing Community College where I studied media technology and criminal justice. My media technology background lead me to a part time position with Wolf Creek Productions as a freelance photographer. Through this opportunity I was introduced to Artic Edge Outfitters of Ontario, Canada where Black Bear Hunting became a whole new passion. It is an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Bear Magnet TV and to share my knowledge, experience and passion for the outdoors.  

John Siclari - Prostaff Manager

Born in Brooklyn , raised on Long Island and currently reside in the Hudson Valley of N.Y. with my wife and 3 daughters. I'm an operating engineer by trade running one of NYC's largest high pressure steam plants. I was lucky enough to have a mom and dad who took me hunting and fishing when i was young, teaching me about conservation, safety and how to prepare wild game. At the age of 16 i killed my first buck on my first hunt with my dad and uncle. It was my love of archery that got me into bowhunting starting with a recurve then on to the first compounds. At the age of 22 my lifelong friend and fellow BearMagnet TV prostaffer John McAteer took me on my first bear hunt where i killed my first bear on the ground at 20 yards, i was hooked and the passion to learn more about them has never subsided, I have spent the last 33 years chasing black shadows in the wilderness . I grew up in a large close knit family where family means everything and I am extremely honored and proud to be part of the Bear Magnet tv family.

Corey Austin - Prostaff & Videographer


Home Province Ontario


Born in Toronto, and raised in the Collingwood area, now married with 5 children in which all live in Eastern Ontario.  I am devoted to my family, conservation, and my country.  I served 28 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and have been deployed both domestic and abroad.  I am an enthusiastic conservationist and have loved and respected all aspects of the outdoors.

I started hunting in my early teenage years with my cousin, focusing on small game, although in my adult years I spent many hours hunting water fowl, turkey, coyote, deer and black bear with a firearm.  Later in life my wife thought it was a good idea to buy me a compound bow as a gift, from that point forward I was hooked on bow hunting.  Getting up close and personal with wildlife was almost a dream come true as I felt one with nature.  Every animal I take is for table fare, I’m not a trophy hunter, but please don’t get me wrong… I love big bears and I cannot lie. Since then my hunting season spans over two seasons now, gun and bow, it allows me to spend more time enjoying what I now call a passion.  I live for the excitement and feeling I get from hunting black bear with archery gear, thus I will mention I only hunt black bear with a bow.  For me the thrill of the hunt is not just the harvest, it is observing and experiencing nature in it natural habitat, documenting the characteristic to every wild creature that comes to me.  I am honored to be a part of the BearMagnet TV Prostaff Team and bring the thrill and experience of hunting black bears to you and other enthusiasts alike.  Be safe.


Corey Austin

Shannon Hogan - Huntress & Videographer


Shannon, mother of two young boys and avid hunter developed her hunting skills from a very young age. In 1994, she went on her first hunt for whitetail with her father. From that point on she was hooked for life! Some highlights include; in 2004, Shannon went on her first moose hunt in Ear Falls, Ontario where she gained the knowledge and experience on what it takes to hunt for Bullwinkle. In 2016, Shannon picked up her first compound bow and became addicted! Also, in 2016 Shannon met professional hunter, Paul Morey where he taught her how to bait bears. Falling in love with bear hunting started right away! In 2018, Shannon joined BearMagnet TV and successfully harvested her first, spring black bear in Manitoba. Shannon continues to broaden her adventures with BearMagnet TV.

Shannon Hogan

Harmony Kulikauskas - Huntress & Videographer


Having grown up on the shores of Georgian Bay each summer, and being the oldest of two daughters, I was outdoors as often as I could be. Dad taught me everything about the boat and how to go fishing which blossomed into an activity I enjoy still to this day. I have always had an interest in hunting but never got a chance to pursue as my family was never into it. In 2011 a coworker took me on a pheasant hunt to see how a dog worked in the field. Shortly thereafter, I got my first gun dog "Bullet" and became hooked!  September 8, 2013 became a day I would never forget when i got to take my first black bear. What a rush! 

Hunting isn’t a sport to me but a lifestyle I love and enjoy. Each animal is a trophy to me, and nothing is more satisfying than putting meat in the freezer for the long winter months and making memories to last forever with awesome friends. I look forward to being a part of the BearMagnet TV family and look forward to the adventures that lay ahead!

Harmony Kulikauskas

Lou Novak - Prostaff & Videographer


Born and raised up in Toronto, Ontario. I began hunting 30 years ago starting with White Tail Deer and Grouse. I have quickly developed my own passion for hunting and the outdoors while living in the Toronto area. I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over Ontario & Manitoba. I recently moved out of the big city to South River, Ontario. I have had the opportunity to harvest several animals like White Tail Deer / Moose & Wild Turkey and very grateful to be able to harvest some great animals. I didn’t start hunting Black Bears until a few years ago. I love everything that goes behind of setting up bait stations and waiting for the right opportunity to take a shot when a Bear comes in. Just gets your blood pumping. To me there’s no other animal that can do that to me.

From big deer / moose to strutting toms I love the thrill and challenge of getting up and close to be hunting Black Bears.. "Nothing beats the adrenaline rushing through your veins being at full draw with a big bear right in front of you at 20 yards”


Lou Novak

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