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Trent Hopkins Fundraiser Hunt - ArticEdge Outfitters

WOW.... what a crazy week at ArticEdge Outfitters in McArthurs Mills Ontario! Chad Johnson, winner of the Trent Hopkins Fundraiser draw was in awe when he experienced an experience of a life time on his hunt. Chad being new to bear hunting and not only bear hunting but new to archery black bear hunting had some wild encounters with bears... First seeing a bear in the wild for the first time, then walking in on a bear, then having bears fighting below our treestand, then having a momma bear come to the base of his stand sniffing and huffing....this mostly happened in the dark as we ended up getting pinned in our stand... Chad did harvest a beautiful black bear that evening but we couldn't retrieve it until after 11PM that evening, thats when the bears decided to let us get down out of our stand....

Theres a fairytale ending to this week... The fundraiser ended up collecting approx $2800, the goal was $5000. Chad and his 2 buddies that came along to the hunt (Alex and Stu) topped up the fundraiser to meet our goal. WOW, a bunch of great guys! Thank you for having such a large heart! I hope to see you all next Fall (2016) back at Artic Edge!

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